Goan Rechad Masala Fish Fry

Goan Rechad Masala Fish Fry

The  main ingredient for this recipe is homemade Goan Rechad Masala Paste. Fish is almost the staple food of Goans along with Rice and Curry.  At my home, we love to eat this with steamed rice and dal.  

Ingredients :

·   5 slices King Fish (Surmai)
·   1 tbsp. Goan Rechado Masala Paste
·   ¼ tsp. Turmeric pwd (Haldi)
·   Salt to taste
·   Wheat flour
·   3 tbsps. Vegetable Oil

Method :

Wash & drain the King Fish slices well.
To this apply rechado masala, turmeric & salt to taste & let it marinate for about 25 mins. Take sufficient wheat flour on a plate.
Roll each fish slice in the flour making sure it coats each slice well.
Heat a fry pan with oil on med. heat.  Slide the slices gently into the pan & fry well.
Flip gently & fry well on both sides. Make sure it cooks through.

Serve with Dal /Rice. 

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