Ingredients :
250 gms Cashew nuts
400 gms Sugar (finely powdered) – actually we have to use 500 but I use less
2 Egg Whites ( I use 2 egg whites)
½ cup Rosewater
Food Color as desired

Method :
Grind cashewnuts to a fine powder & soak with rose water for about 15 mins.
Grind cashewnuts to a fine paste. Lightly whisk the egg whites.
In a thick bottomed pan, combine cashewnut paste, sugar, whisked egg whites; mix well. (I used a pressure cooker without the lid). Place the pan on a low fire; keep stirring continuously.  Make sure that the mix does not stick to the bottom of the pan & does not burn. Cook till mixture thickens & starts leaving the sides of the pan.
Pour out the mixture in  a plate & muscle with a spoon/spatula till the mixture cools down.
When cool, muscle again using some rose water sparingly. Knead till it forms a soft dough. Keep aside to rest for awhile. You should be able to mould it easily.
Divide into balls if using color. (I divided it into four parts). Add color as desired.   Use a rubber or plastic moulds to shape them. You may even shape them into fruits if you like. Place the moulded pieces on a tray.  Let it dry & then store in an airtight container.


Ingredients :
1 litre Milk
400 gms. Sugar
100 gms. Cashewnuts
1 tbsp. Butter

Method :
First grind the cashewnuts to a very fine powder.
Then boil the milk in a pan which has a thick bottom on very low flame till it reduces to half the quantity. Keep stirring in between so that the milk does not burn.
Add sugar & stir continuously till the sugar dissolves completely & the milk thickens further.
Add the powdered cashewnuts when the milk is nice & thick.
Keep stirring the mixture continuously without allowing the mixture to stick at the bottom of the pan.
When the mixture bubbles at the edges of the pan, it is almost ready.
Test the mixture in a bowl of water if it is ready to turn out. The mix should hold together & not separate & dissolve in the water. Add some butter & reserve some to butter the moulds.
Stir again till the mixture holds together but separates a little & you can see the bottom of the pan while stirring with the spoon. Turn the mixture on a plate & let it cool thoroughly. When completely cool, then butter the rubber mould & mould the milk cream.  Place them on a tray & let it dry overnight.  Store in an air-tight container.  Serve & enjoy at Christmas.  

Date rolls
200 gms maida
100 gms butter
60 gms ground sugar
200 gms dates (de-seed and cut into strips)
200 gms walnuts (cut into strips)
1 egg
Beat the butter till fluffy.
Add the sugar and beat till fluffy again.
Add one well beaten egg and beat again.
Fold in flour and mix till well blended.
Knead lightly till it forms a smooth dough and roll out into ¼ inch thick chapatti.
Cut into 2 inch squares. Put two strips of walnut and date in and roll. Apply water to seal the edges.
Place on a well greased baking tray leaving sufficient space between each.
Bake for 10 to 15 minutes at 160° C.
Brush the top of each date roll with egg yolk before baking for that lovely glazed look.

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